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Integrating research and development, production and sales of welding materials



Wuhan Temo Welding Consumables Co.,LTD

Serving the country by revitalizing the ship, innovating and surpassing, and shouldering the mission of revitalizing national welding materials

Founded in 1958, Wuhan TEMO Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd (WHTM) is the only member organization which manufacture and supply welding rods and wire of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC)-one of world’s top500 enterprises.

With registered capital of 77.62 million Yuan,Wuhan TEMO welding founded its headquarters in Wuhan City, and five branches in coastal cities named Wuhan TEMO sales Co., Ltd, Changzhou TEMO Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd., Changzhou SUREFA weld Technologies Co.,Ltd,Dalian TEMO Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd, Zhoushan TEMO Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd.



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